About Us

We dig health, wellness, and helping

If you’re in the market for fresh, farm-direct, seasonal, local and organic produce, special diet foods, green home goods, locally produced artisan foods, clean & chemical-free cosmetics, and real supplements, then we’re the market for you.

Castro Valley Natural Grocery is the newest destination for the budding lifestyle of Castro Valley. Here you’ll find clean and beautiful foods in an inviting and manageable atmosphere. You’ll find only 100% organic produce, locally sourced and crafted foods, specialty diet items, sustainable goods, everyday deals, and more. You’ll also find the newest in natural and organic supplements, and chemical-free personal care to help keep you vibrant both inside and out.

Located in central Castro Valley and easily accessible from both 580 and BART you’re not far from experiencing the most unique shopping experience in the area. Here you’ll delight in shopping in our open-air setting that’s bright and energetic. You’ll discover new foods to try, products you’ll never see in a conventional market, all while knowing everything you buy is good for you, your family and the planet.

Our standards

You want to be confident that you’re getting only the cleanest foods and goods from good companies and producers.

For over 15 years the East Bay Natural Grocers family of companies have developed the strictest standards; it’s as much about what we won’t carry, as what we will.

What we believe

We have a vision for a better world.

There are guideposts that we believe in to help us get there. Every decision we make as a business and member of the community is shaped by our core values.

We wrote a manifesto about it. This is what we stand for.

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Castro Valley you’ve waited a long time for something like us to open up. And we’re here for you and the surrounding area.

Come experience a higher level of goods, services, food and well-being.

We’re worth the trip from anywhere.

good things await you

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