(née Cameraman)


Ed Holmes & Marc Ribaud
w/ Joe Paulino & Maria Chenut
Cameraman, 2021

Cameras, Electronics, Sound, & Structure
Collection of East Bay Natural Grocers, Inc.
Acquired through Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda, Calif.

Camerabot (née Cameraman) is a sculptural collaboration between artists Ed Holmes and Marc Ribaud with sound design by Joe Paulino, and Cameradog by Maria Chenut.

The idea for this piece began when Holmes and Ribaud decided to create a larger than life size “Cameraman” using Ed’s 45 year-old camera collection and Marc’s engineering genius.

The hundreds of cameras date from the 1920’s to yesterday, from a 4×5 view camera to plastic toy cameras and everything in between. The artists responded to the unique beauty of each camera design. A red box camera becomes the heart, two 1940’s film strip projectors become the eyes, and a series of instamatic cameras become the spine.

Recorded shutter sounds create a sonic atmosphere and camera cases form Camerabot’s best friend, Cameradog.

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The Making of Cameraman

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