Stonybrook Canyon Farm

We super stoked to introduce you to our newest farm-direct, certified organic, and hyper-local produce offering; Castro Valley’s own Stonybrook Canyon Farm.

Located just over 10 miles from the store on Palomares Rd., their current and newish farm sits on land that once belonged to the Riehle family who grew Pippin apples along the creek in the early 1900s, and later the Manter family who grew Royal Ann cherries there.

The last farm at the site closed up in the 70s, and the land laid dormant for nearly 50 years.

The partners behind the farm had been growing and selling produce to top restaurants throughout the Bay Area since 2017 and gained a reputation for having some of the best, and most unique, offerings on the market. While what they grow is familiar, the varietals are not the typical ones you’d find in a standard market.

To continue their growth they acquired the former farmland to renew its function. However, the soil was is such bad condition that they spent two years alone restoring it through tilling, growing varieties of crops to restore vitality, using heaps of manure from the horse stables up the way, lots of love and labor, and other regenerative practices. They’ve quickly built it into a fully functioning sustainable and certified organic farm. They even have bees too!

At around 150 acres Stonybrook Canyon Farm is able to grow a manageable amount of crops, but they intentionally grow a huge variety of them. In part keeping with the regenerative practices, and to avoid monoculture growing to support a healthy ecosystem. They’ve got several types of berries, leafy greens, root veggies, peppers, beans, dozens of stone fruits, melons, pears, apples, and over 40 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.

While most of their harvest is destined for restaurants in the area, as a retail partner of theirs we are privy to some of their haul – which means you are too.

As the first of the summer crops are appearing, we have just recently brought in some Stonybrook Canyon Farm goods. Currently, we have a selection of their seasonal fresh flowers, summer squash, and basil. We look forward to adding more as we able to.

Come enjoy some incredible, Castro Valley-grown, certified organic produce. It’s as fresh and direct as you’ll find.

good things await you

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